Quantified Company (Team Analysis, Engagement Tool)

QC is unique contemporary online tool useful in making questionnaires with employees, and it enables to review present status quo within the entire team or organization and to share it among employees and teams. Contrary to competitive methods, the QC is a simple tool for use. Information collecting happens in the process that looks like a conversation. Employees talk about motivators and challenges at the working place, and the QC tool summarises the key findings. This will result in actual proposals for implementation. Therefore, the human resources department engagement is very short. Then we take over all further steps for you.

Insight MDI (Analysis of potentials and motivations)

This tool delivers voluminous feedback about favoured behaviour, values and motifs, i.e. about essential characteristics of the subject personality. This tool is therefore an ideal instrument for selection and management of employees, their development in leadership, sale, servicing, and team building. Actually, it is possible to estimate suitability of the subject regarding soft skills for certain professional requests.

Assess (Analysis of skills for managers)

This instrument measures relevant competencies regarding in advance defined profile of the target in the space volume and it shows if and to which extent a candidate has certain leadership skills and in which areas should be promoted further on. Analysis of competencies gives actual proposals for development of each subject, and it represents an ideal tool for recognising leadership potentials as well as individual needs for training and development. It is ideal for staffing executive level positions.

The Relief (Stress analysis)

This is a holistic procedure developed especially for mental risk evaluation (burn out). The German national program Unternehmenswert: Mensh plus was created to support small and middle size companies in order to create and support sustainable digital working environment and employee-oriented organization. These knowledge and practices are also applicable beyond of the German borders.

We are certified for the process consulting Unternehmenswert: Mensh the idea of which is that the main corporative value is a man, and it is aimed to initiate processes of sustainable learning and changes in the companies. These knowledge and practices are applicable beyond German borders.

The German national program “Unternehmenswert: Mensch plus” for SMEs is aimed at creating and encouraging a sustainable digital work environment and organization-oriented employees. These knowledge and experiences are also applicable beyond German borders.

We are certified for process consulting “Unternehmenswert: Mensch” whose idea is to be the fundamental corporate value of MAN and aims to initiate processes of sustainable learning and change in companies. These know-how and experience are irreplaceable even beyond German borders.

Business tool INKA covers analysis of eleven the most important subjects in one company: strategy, liquidity, and risk assessment, leadership, customer care, organization, corporative culture, human resources development, processes, supply, and innovations. Moreover, the MSP can use this tool for brief and summarised testing of work process and work organization. Together we can select distinct topics or go through first to the last topic. After the completion of the process you will know how you are standing in particular subject areas and where you need to optimise and improve positions in your company.

BMP (Biotrain-Mind-Processing)

This is a training process that makes clarity and good planning procedure in just several sessions. You have a topic – we will lead you right to the goal! Sharp border lines and deep prevention lead to the plan specifications having high level of reality. Therefore, with BMP you will achieve the highest level of implementation possibility.