Every new position that needs to be filled presents a new challenge for the employer. Our strength lies in the valid measurement of the candidates; potentials and competencies.

With us, you can use validated online tools – such as INSIGHTS MDI® and ASSESS – while we take care of the entire online survey process.

This helps determine the personality of the candidates and see if they are a good fit for your company culture, and thus drastically reduces your risk of making a costly hiring mistake.

Our services include:

  • Definition of the target profile – factoring in natural talent, behavioural preferences, strengths, motivation, as well as professional and leadership competencies
  • Measurement of the applicant’s existing potential
  • Decision guidance/recommendation with strengths/weaknesses analysis


  • Candidate and job are cross checked for a match
  • Soft skills are identified and measured
  • You receive information on applicant suitability
  • You get a clear idea of the candidate’s motivation
  • You recognize strengths and weaknesses in leadership competencies
  • An optimal hiring decision based on all factors is reached


EQ-TRAIN® is an affiliated brand. The affiliated companies act independently and legally autonomous in business transactions and act in their own name and on their own account. The mutual claiming of receivables is open. It is expressly pointed out that this is not a civil law partnership.
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