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Do you want to recognize, increase and optimally use the potential of your employees and partner in their long term career growth within the company?

Businesses that invest in their employees may see a greater return on their
investment if employees stay longer in the organisation.

We support you in simultaneously developing your company with your employees. We would be happy to advise you on finding the right measures for the development of your employees in the various divisions of your company and accompany you in the implementation of staff development strategies.


We offer you support and advice in EQ-TRAIN® seminars and workshops that can be configured individually for your needs and requirements.

Make sure the person you are talking to understands exactly what you want to say.

In this seminar you will learn to positively influence yourself and others and to eliminate conflicts from the initial stage by becoming aware of behaviour preferences and motives of your colleagues, managers and clients, by adjusting to them.

– sender-receiver principle
– body language, voice, content
– basics of communication
– my conflict behaviour
– Course of conflict – escalation stages
– possible solutions
– communication models
– feedback rules
INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analysis – INSIGHTS MDI® includes various management development instruments (MDI) to develop management and employee potential. The different tools give an insight into the value structure, illuminate the very personal drive systems and explain the behaviour of people. In addition to behavioural preferences, the Talent Insights Basic includes information on motives and values.
You will gain new insights about your preferred communication style and impact on others This self-knowledge leads to a higher relationship competence.

You will, amongst other things, have a greater sensitivity towards the behaviour and motives of communication partners such as employees, colleagues and customers, and will communicate better to avoid conflict and ensure cooperation.


In this era of cost cuts and productivity concerns, the questions companies are asking is: “How do we find optimise use of existing employees?”

The Gallup studies confirm that fewer than 15% of employees have a strong emotional attachment to their employer and around 80% of employees in large companies still confirm that they cannot use their potential in their day-to-day work.

This tool-based seminar shows new ways and solutions for staff selection and strategic staff development.

– Understand the INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analyses ideal for the selection and development of co-workers
– Learn to interpret the ASSESS Competence Development Reports that are ideal for the development of managers at every level of the hierarchy.
– Understand the methods for the development of high-quality workplace analyses
– Learn to deliver high-quality competence models for development
This measure is based on modern and efficient methods and expert systems. In the “self-experiment” the participants get to know various development tools such as INSIGHTS MDI, ASSESS and test various methods for the development of high-quality workplace analyses and competence models.
You will recognize how the requirements of a job holder with regard to his personality, his motives and, if applicable, his leadership skills are clearly defined and recorded.

Over- and under strains are avoided and the optimal matching between workplace/position and person is created which reduces turnover, increasing productivity and job satisfaction.


High-performing teams give companies an edge over their competitors. However, it is rare to see team perform at their maximum capacity. INSIGHTS MDI® draws on personality assessment to help teams identify and understand three internal dynamics: team strengths and weaknesses; potential team stress points; team culture and shared values.

Participants will be able to see their potential blind spots or derailers and work on a blueprint of changes to implement that will enhance team performance.

– Team situation and arrangement
– Personal assessment of the position of all team members
– Basics of communication
– Mutual appreciation, fairplay and trust
– Prevent, manage and optimally resolve conflicts
– Communication in a team
– Team dynamics
– Individual contribution to team success
– Feedback rules, praise and recognition
This measure is based on modern and powerful tools from INSIGHTS MDI, with which both personal preferences and the team constellation in terms of personality and motivation are made transparent.
Analytical Tools used: INSIGHTS MDI Potential and Motivation Analysis

Participants learn to understand themselves and the other team members better, both with regard to their individual strengths and weaknesses and with regard to what each individual can contribute to team success.
After the workshop, they will be able to identify and eliminate potential conflicts and better align their preferences with those of other team members. In this way, much better communication, harmony, efficiency and team dynamics are created.

Sales Intelligence with INSIGHTS MDI®

About 90% of our success results from our relationships with other people. Selling today is essentially shaped by the personality of the seller, the personality of the customer, their relationship to each other and the product. Depending on their personality, every seller has their strengths and weaknesses. These need to be recognized and used.

In this seminar, the participants get to know the effect of their own personality and become aware of its effect on others. They recognize the needs of others more easily and radiate more security, calm and are more persuasive. The participants gain the ability to optimally adapt their sales process to the respective customer.

– What are the success factors of top sellers?
– Who am I and how do I appear to others
– Relationship skills fundamentals
– Topologically correct communication sing body language, speech, voice and content
– Customers communicate differently than salespeople / active listening
– Emotional intelligence as a key factor
– Find the needs of your interlocutor
– Master the sales process
Analysis of the personality and the sales strategy with INSIGHTS MDI, theoretical basics of the typology, case studies, group work, exercises, role plays.
The participants become relationship managers and know how to “reach” each customer, they learn to deal with other people in a way that suits their personality type.


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