The future lies in sustainable, responsible leadership.
These programmes are designed to provide managers with a toolbox that enables them to develop skills, manage talent effectively and thus achieve sustainable personal growth.
Topics are divided into different modules so that the participants can gain practical experience in between and put what they have learned into practice.

Advanced Seminar: Goal Oriented Leadership with Assess

We believe that no matter your position there are elementary leadership skills that are part of the “basic tools” of every manager. The learning objectives are geared towards the essential leadership topics: leading and motivating others, setting and achieving goals, managing and leading employees effectively, delegating and motivating correctly.
Both personal strengths and weaknesses are taken into account to get the participants out of their “comfort zone”.
To develop leadership skills, we use the ASSESS expert system, which offers us the opportunity to validly measure the respective personal characteristics of the required skills and to further develop them individually.

– recognize leadership skills
– lead and motivate others
– manage employees effectively
– define and achieve realistic goals
– delegate properly, motivate
– communicate effectively
– successfully manage conflicts
This training involves competence analysis, various methodologies and didactic elements such as group exercises, individual coaching, presentations and brainstorming are used.

We will work with proven tools such as INSIGHTS MDI ® standard target profile and INSIGHTS MDI potential and motivation analysis (PDF report 35-40 pages)

Our offer conveys the most important basics for the necessary leadership skills and is therefore also referred to as “The small 1 x 1 of leadership”: better communication, better self-management and better personal performance. The participants learn to use management tools optimally and purposefully.

Management Competence with INSIGHTS MDI®

This seminar is the ideal introduction to the development process as a manager. What qualities and skills characterise a good manager and how they can be developed. Many leadership skills are based on exceptional relationship skills.

Personal behavioural characteristics, communication tips, leadership styles, basic style and adapted behaviour, areas for improvement, time wasters and “driving forces”

The participants receive new impulses for their management behaviour and not only learn to better understand themselves, but also others. They recognize the outstanding importance of personality and leadership behaviour for their success.

Based on INSIGHTS MDI®, the essential factors for successful leadership behaviour are trained. Potential conflicts between people with different behavioural preferences and motives are worked out and deepened in practical exercises.
You will learn how to make your daily interactions as a manager more successful. This not only improves your self-image and your sensitivity to others, but also your power of persuasion and influence.

The basis of leadership competence is the ability to correctly assess oneself and the impact it has on others. Authenticity grows from this. On this basis you improve your ability to recognize others better. If both are successful, your colleagues, employees or customers will trust you and build on you.

Appraisals with employees, customers and even conflict discussions become more effective with type-appropriate communication.


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