Strategic International Development

We help companies and individuals not only start, form and develop their organisations, but also grow by connecting them to the right partners, as well as to investment and funding opportunities in Germany and the Balkan Region. 

Invest in the area of South Eastern Europe

Get long-term protection of your assets

Strategic development for the future


A unique network of experts

Many years of experience and expertise of our professionals with mandatory local and technical professional knowledge shall guarantee excellent results in defining target regions, sectors and technologies. This relates both, to time and duration of investments and to corresponding investment structures.

Project investments in the area of South Eastern Europe

As a unique expert network GS Experts Business Consulting offering the approach to the growing labour market in SEE to private and institutional investors.

Long-term protection and property development

With us from the very beginning you will get an institutional access to long-term promising investments. You will have benefits from high level of legal safety, smart optimization after tax deduction and maximum flexibility.

Company strategic development for the future

Highly qualified and motivated technical and managerial staff is the key for development in the ambience of the contemporary competition where technology and knowledge are available more than ever.


Tap into promising markets

We are your future-oriented partner for business development, specializing in Germany and the Balkans. The Balkan states are interesting markets and worthwhile investment locations or are increasingly developing in this direction.

Our comprehensive training, many years of professional experience in different countries, knowledge of several foreign languages, our intercultural background and last but not least our networks enable us to recognize the current development trends in various markets and the resulting opportunities and risks and to use them to the advantage of our customers.

We can also help your company to gain valuable business partners from our network to develop new markets and build new production facilities.

With our network of experts, we support you in founding a company or opening a branch office in Germany or in the Balkan states as well as in company succession in Germany. In addition, we also accompany the further development of your company and support you in solving problems.

You Have An Excellent Business Plan And Need Help In Financing?

Send your contact data and your business plan to attention of our team who will analyse it and perceive if and in which way the business idea can be achieved.

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