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Here are a few of the questions that our site visitors frequently ask us.

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N&P Connect Business Consulting has core expertise in Business Set Up, Development and Services for Visa Process for Germany as well as corporate and people development.

We use proven tools for company analysis and diagnostics and work with top management to align and implement a roadmap to improve business culture, productivity and leadership.

Our Business Set Up and Visa Services come with consultation and expert advice. We assist with government procedures and regulatory requirements, connecting you with our experts partners for all legal and financial assistance.

Our Company Analytics come with a complete survey of your company’s performance parameters. We do this by using intuitive AI powered tools that are designed to give you a detailed picture of your organisation in over 120 categories.

The data analysis and report offers companies an opportunity to study measures to develop strategies and solutions. Leadership skills programme can be selected for a period of 12 weeks or the Signature 12 month programme that offers a complete leadership development journey from diagnostic evaluation to implementation.

Our services provide a high value for businesses that want to start up and scale in Germany as well as those that have 50+ employees and need Company Analytics and Human Resource Development.

We also offer group training with our registered co-owned brand EQ-TRAIN®.

Not at all. Quantified Company is a highly intuitive AI Powered tool that can be administered in less than 2 weeks and can be initiated after a short discussion with Management. The results for the survey are provided within 5 days of completion with a full day workshop facilitated by one of Germany’s top Change Management Coach, Ms. Dragana Nikolic.

The survey provides excellent value with prices per employee starting for as little as the cost of an office lunch which includes initial consultation and a full day workshop for top management, after completion.

The actual price, however, is calculated based on the number of employees, the more the employees the lesser you pay per employee.