As a unique expert network GS Experts Business Consulting offering the approach to the growing labour market in SEE to private and institutional investors.

Using our specific expertise we actively deliver advices to our clients in targeting planning and configuration to adjusted portfolios with infrastructural projects and sustainable investments.

South-Eastern Europe is incomparably characterized by heterogeneity of individual countries and regions, thus establishing very high requests when dealing with regional investors expertise and their advisers.

Many years of experience

Many years of experience and expertise of our professionals with mandatory local and technical professional knowledge shall guarantee excellent results in defining target regions, sectors and technologies. This relates both, to time and duration of investments and to corresponding investment structures.

We also define the risk profile / investment turnover in wide range of clients` needs combining different class of properties, both capital and other investments. These various options enable our investors to select the best suitable offer to their needs.

Knowledge of the market and it‘s flow as the key for success

The global financial crisis has brought the fundamental step forward in search for the capital ranging from private investors to infrastructure project financing that were traditionally within the government responsibility.

High state deficit and overloaded banking market support significant growth of the existing infrastructure privatization with new projects supply by the private sector.

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